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Your HR Might Be Making Generation Z Laugh (in the Wrong Way)

Together, we create a lecture with valuable insights about Generation Z

We've noticed that many HR professionals try to connect with Generation Z without really knowing what they're doing. As a result, they run a great risk of making the company a joke. Or better yet: a meme.

To help these professionals stop shooting in the dark and start communicating effectively with the youth, we present a lecture filled with new insights and important reflections!

Together, we understand the extremes Generation Me vs. Generation Us

A WGSN study revealed that Generation Z is strongly divided into two independent groups, which are at opposite extremes: Generation Me and Generation Us.

Generation MeGeneration Us
Seek a "dream lifestyle" and like to follow trendsNot afraid to show vulnerability and imperfections
Look for practical resumes in specific areasLike to learn new things
Want jobs that bring pleasure and happinessWant to see inclusion and equal opportunities in companies

Together, we understand that humor can unite youth from both extremes

Emotionally exhausted, Generation Z uses absurd humor to escape reality and connect with others of the same generation.

Their humor is so extreme and strange that only they truly understand it (and that's the goal).

If a cringe-worthy person tries to produce content for Generation Z, it may sound far from authentic and funny for all the wrong reasons!

Together, we learn that you need to create with Generation Z to connect with Generation Z

Algorithms can make the content reaching people from different generations diverse, leading them to not be as successful in finding trends and popular music among the youth, for example.

To save employees' time and be more assertive, it is recommended to partner with Generation Z to produce content and actions for Generation Z.

This event was a success! It was a pleasure to have Jogajunto. I think there were very enriching exchanges for all parties involved.

Guilheme Joaquim
Customer Success Analyst at the Internship Company
Guilheme Joaquim

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