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What Are People Saying About Your Company When You're Not In The Room?

Together, we create a lecture with valuable insights about branding for B2B companies

We were invited by Hitachi to speak at an important meeting of the company's directors. We chose to talk about branding, a topic that is gaining importance in the B2B market and should be highlighted until 2030 for reasons such as:

  • Perception: society is demanding positions and actions from large companies on social and environmental issues (ESG), not limited to the supplier-consumer relationship.
  • Reach: "attention" is one of the scarcest and most contested resources of this century.

Together, we understand the importance of branding for B2B companies

Why does what people know and perceive about your brand matter, even if in B2B you sell to companies?

Because you continue to sell to people, even if your focus is on selling to companies!

Anatomy of a brand

Together, we understand the "branding dilemma"

  • Internal conflicts regarding the available budget: A report from The B2B Institute brings a provocation: imagine you are a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). A marketing professional presents a plan to generate 10,000 leads for the sales department. The other presents a plan to increase your brand awareness by five points. Who do you think will receive the investment?
  • Professionals reluctant to advocate for long-term plans due to career risks: Immediate results tend to be more valued by C-Levels, and in crises, the lack of perceptible results can lead the professional leading a long-term branding strategy to be among the first on the dismissal list.
  • Difficulty in measuring branding results: A B2B Institute survey of over 4,000 B2B marketing professionals found that only 4% measure the impact of their campaigns beyond six months, the minimum time branding takes to show results according to researchers.
Branding will always exist, your only choice is to influence it a lot or a little

Together, we learn that branding helps solve various challenges

How to overcome the "branding dilemma"? It is necessary to unite efforts and balance investments in actions that bring short-term and long-term results (sales and brand building).

After all, branding may take time to show results. But it can help with challenges such as:

  • Company growth
  • Brand perpetuation
  • Competitive potential
  • Talent recruitment and turnover reduction

I can say with confidence that it was content that far exceeded our expectations.

Ingrid Narchi
Communication and Marketing Analyst at Hitachi
Ingrid Narchi


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