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Engage your team with truly effective internal communication solutions

Together, we have developed strategies for more than 500 companies

Our Solution

  • Engagement campaigns

    • Development of actions to promote employee participation and engagement.
    • Creation of platforms for recognizing individual and team achievements.
  • Corporate intranet

    • Development and maintenance of an internal online platform for sharing information.
    • Publishing news, updates, and important resources.
  • Internal newsletters

    • Elaboration and distribution of continuous newsletters with relevant information, such as highlights of achievements, updates, and internal events.
  • Bidirectional communication channels

    • Establishment of channels for employee feedback, such as online forums, question and answer sessions, among others.
  • Organizational culture

    • Promotion and reinforcement of company values and culture.
    • Sharing of stories and success cases that align with the organizational culture.
  • Internal announcements

    • Development of announcements to inform about changes, news, and events.
  • Training on Communication

    • Training programs to improve employees' soft communication skills.
    • Workshops on effective communication techniques.
  • Visual communication

    • Development of consistent graphic design strategies across all communication materials.
    • Creation of visual elements to convey messages clearly and impactfully.
  • Internal events

    • Planning and execution of events such as meetings, seminars, conferences, milestone celebrations, among others.
  • Change management

    • Development of an efficient communication strategy for periods of organizational change, clarifying objectives, benefits, and impacts on teams.
  • Effectiveness assessment

    • Monitoring and analysis of metrics to assess the effectiveness of internal communication.
    • Organizational climate surveys.

What are the benefits of internal communication for your company?

Work productivity can increase by 20% to 25% in companies where employees are connected and well-informed about the organization.

McKinsey Global Institute

62% of executives surveyed believe that training and development are important to improve understanding of work instructions and institutional messages.

Communication barriers in the modern workplace

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