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Attract people more connected to the organization's values with creative and efficient actions

Together, we attract culturally fit talents for over 500 companies

Our Solution

  • Inbound Recruiting campaigns
  • Development of fast-loading and accessible career pages.
  • Creation of content that generates interest and engagement from candidates across various social media platforms.
  • Strategic actions to build a positive and attractive employer brand.
  • Promotion of events, fairs, and workshops for talent attraction.
  • Creation of strategies for affirmative selection processes, with more Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Leadership and employee training with workshops and lectures:
  • How to have a more humanized communication in selection processes.
  • How to attract and engage diverse people.
  • How to avoid ableism and ageism in the company.
  • How to attract and connect with Generation Z.
  • Creation and implementation of recruitment and selection software and applications.

Why invest in Inbound Recruiting?

Companies that adopt employer branding actions reduce their cost per hire by 50%.


There is an average reduction of 43% in the cost per hired candidate (for companies with a strong Talent Brand).


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