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Lojas Eskala increased social media engagement by over 670%

Eskala's instagram profile
  • Customer Eskala
  • Year 2014—2016
  • Team Jogajunto
  • Service Marketing &

Together, we've grown on social media platforms

The Instagram account of Lojas Eskala had few posts and interactions. Our challenge was to increase reach and engagement without altering the already invested budget.

Our solution

Together, we produced content that filled the gaps between major campaigns, such as Mother's Day.

We used several formats, different networks and influencers to publish professional fashion content. With one of our professionals inserted in the daily routines of the store, the creation process became fresher, faster and more faithful to the brand.

Together, we achieved sensational numbers

In two years of partnership, there were 21 campaigns and over 1,300 posts that increased Eskala's social media reach and engagement by 670%, surpassing 200 thousand likes.

Retail demands companies that act with agility, commitment and innovation. Jogajunto unites technical and practical expertise to the pillars necessary for any management of marketing operations: agile response time, presentation of creative solutions and achievement of goals.”

Carla Artave
Marketing Manager

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