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Corteva achieved 84% diversity in its Inbound Recruiting campaign

Student with LGBT flag
  • Customer Corteva
    Companhia de Estágios
  • Year 2022
  • Team Jogajunto
  • Service Employer Branding /
    Inbound Recruiting

Together, we attracted diverse talents from Mexico for the internship program

Corteva Agriscience is a global agricultural company, holding some of the most recognized brands in agriculture and dedicated to developing and launching solutions for producers.

In Mexico, the company faced challenges in attracting talents for its internship program in fields such as marketing and administration because it was perceived solely as an organization operating in the field/agricultural sector.

Moreover, our challenge was to understand how to attract talents in Mexico to fill the open positions in these specific areas of the company, emphasizing diversity.

Internship Program website

Our solution

Together, we created a campaign to advertise the vacancies focused on TikTok.

We needed a better understanding of Mexican students’ culture in order to create an attractive internship program campaign for them.

In collaboration with Companhia de Estágios, we conducted extensive research and immersed ourselves in the country's culture. We discovered and engaged with content from local influencers and comprehended how students communicate through social media.

We identified that the best solution to attract this audience was to create a campaign with a easygoing language style, engaged with the trending topics in Mexico at that time. We also generated promotional content about the internship program across social media platforms (reach and conversion), including TikTok Ads.

Together, we achieved sensational numbers

  • On a single day of the campaign on TikTok: we generated 99 registrations, spending R$4.99 per conversion, and accumulated over 1.1 million views.
  • On Facebook/Instagram we had 96 registrations, spending R$19.97 per conversion, with several thousand views.
  • Corteva's Internship Program was awarded at the 20th ABMRA Agro Communication Show.

With Jogajunto we managed to go beyond expectations. Our process and results were wonderful, working together!”

Helena Meirelles Campos
Talent Acquisition Consultant at Corteva
Helena Meirelles Campos

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